Family Worship with
The Chitan Family

Welcome to Family Worship. We hope and pray that you will sing along and participate as we worship together as a family.

The Chitans: A Little Bit of Everything | Episode 3
Mom’s “Famous” Macaroni Pie

Our mom’s cooking has been loved by most (if not all) who have tasted it. Today, we made one of everyone’s favorite: Macaroni Pie! This recipe is vegan friendly.

The Chitans: A Little Bit of Everything | Episode 2
Black History Month Special

Thank you for your patience in waiting for this video. February was celebrated as Black History Month. We pray that you are reminded that once the Son (Jesus Christ) has set you free, skin color, background and outside perception cannot stop you from accomplishing the purpose God has given you.

The Chitans: A Little Bit of Everything | Episode 1
An Introduction to The Chitans

We’ve been told for a long time to start a blog, so we decided to finally do it! To start off, here is an introduction to The Chitans.

Jesus Saves
The Chitans & The Foster Triplets

It was a thoroughly enjoyable moment for The Chitans to share the showcase stage with The Foster Triplets at Gatlinburg Gathering in Tennessee. It was eight individuals in one accord lifting up one name, Jesus, telling the whole world that Jesus Saves

Put it Right There – The Chitans

Sometimes we go through difficulties in life where end up feeling hurt, ashamed, betrayed or like tomorrow is not even a possibility. Often times we keep all these things to ourselves because we’re afraid people will see or think of us differently, we think we’re not important or that the matter holds no value.

Jesus is Moving – The Chitans feat. The Foster Triplets

The Chitans and The Foster Triplets sang “Jesus is Moving” at Abraham Productions – Gatlinburg Gathering in August of this year. We could have really seen Jesus moving in that place. It was such a blessed experience. We were also so honored to be able to minister along with The Foster Triplets.

Running to Jesus – The Chitans

This song is from our new album and we’re giving you just a little sneak peek into it. It is our new single on the radio so be looking out for it.

Thank you Uncle Roger Talley, our producer, and Crossroads Studio for giving us the opportunity to record this CD.

The Chitans singing at FWC Jimmy Swaggart Ministries

For many years our family enjoyed the Ministry of Bro Jimmy Swaggart. In the 1980s and 90s our dad had all the music that Bro. Swaggart sold. We grew up listening to all his Music which helped shape the direction of our Musical Career. It was with great humility and gratefulness that we ministered at Family Worship Center October 28 ’18. How God orchestrated this? We do not know, but, He still works wonders. Therefore, we want to thank all those who allowed the Holy Spirit to move upon their hearts to allow The Chitans to minister at The Family Worship Center, especially Sis. BJ Vavasseur/Pons, Bro. Robin Herd, and Bro Jimmy Swaggart.

“If You Knew Him” at the Gatlinburg Gathering

The Chitans on the Main Stage at Gatlinburg Gathering 2018 ministering the song “If You Knew HIm” after winning The Showcase on Thursday, Aug 16th…….Thank God, Abraham Productions, Talleys, Lynda Randle, Joey Gore, The Perrys, and Joseph Habedank and Rodney Griffin for writing a great song.

Nothing but the Blood
A Family Reunion Concert

Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church
909 E 233rd St.
Bronx, NY 10466

Highlights of 2018!

2017 was challenging, fun, adventurous and difficult at times, but God came through every time and on time. There were many unbelievable opportunities, new found friends and family. A special thank you to all who supported us in so many different ways. May God’s abundant blessings of health, wealth and happiness be yours in 2018.

The Chitans
Festival of Praise Grenada 2016
Arise 2016
Donnett Thompson-Hall

Global Kingdom Ministries
1250 Markham Road
Scarborough, Ontario

Guess What Came Last Night?!

Last night’s surprise!

He Will Hide Me at 2015 S.D.A GC Session in San Antonio, TX.

The Chitans singing He Will Hide Me at the 2015 Seventh-day Adventist General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas.

Jerusalem at
Bobby Jones Presents

The Chitans singing Jerusalem at the Bobby Jones Presents show.

If You Knew Him
at Bobby Jones Presents

The Chitans singing If You Knew Him at the Bobby Jones Presents show.

The Love of God
at Gaither Concert

The Chitans singing “The Love of God” in Windsor, Ontario at a Gaither Concert.

The Canadian National Anthem

The Chitans singing the Canadian National Anthem at the BBPA Inaugural Black History Month Celebration “Black Roots Bear Fruits“, Honouring the Hon. Dr. Jean Augustine. February 20, 2016

The Grenadian National Anthem

The Chitans singing the Grenadian National Anthem at the 42nd Grenada Independence Celebration by the GIPC.

US National Anthem and the Black Anthem at the White House.
US National Anthem
On Capitol Hill
The Lord’s Prayer
I Bowed On My Knees
He Leadeth Me
Ride Out Your Storm
The Chitans

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