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International recording artistes, The Chitans are a family in full-time ministry from Toronto, Canada, who's sweet harmony is what you can only get from a family who join their voices together in praise to the Lord.

The Chitans consist of five siblings, Kaiziah, 24, Kayandra, 23, Jesse, 21, Jayden, 18, and Karlainah, 15. The siblings have been singing together for eleven years. They and their parents, Layne and Karen, have been taking their music ministry on the road for the past seven years.

Their music encompasses Southern Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Black Gospel, Caribbean, and traditional Hymns. Incorporating various styles in their concerts is what makes this unique blending of these styles truly special. Although they are young, their ministry has taken them throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. While ministering in churches, schools, civic and cultural gatherings, hospitals, prisons, or on the streets, the heartbeat of this family group is to point souls to Jesus Christ.

Besides singing, they minister through musical instruments including the steel pan (a musical instrument native to the Caribbean) which they have featured in several concerts. They also minister through clothing, food and scholastic drives, aid in construction and any capacity that they can be of service in.

They have also shared the stage with such gospel music greats as Bill Gaither and his Homecoming Friends, Lynda Randle, The Talleys, The Collingsworth Family, Karen Peck and New River, and Wintley Phipps, to name a few. Their music ministry has also taken them to many prestigious venues and events. They have performed on Capitol Hill, The White House, NQC, The Ark Encounter, Singing In the Sun at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, the Gatlinburg Gathering, Daystar television network and 3ABN television.

The Chitans are great examples and role models to Christian youth, but their musical ministry presentation appeals to people of all ages.

It is their desire to carry out the great command in Matthew 28:19 & 20 and, in the process, fulfill their motto “to inspire, inform and challenge a new generation of God fearing leaders, to rise up, straighten up and take their rightful place in their homes, churches, communities and the world."

Whether you're streaming their latest song, listening to them on Christian radio, or seeing them in concert, you can be sure that you will be challenged, encouraged, and ready to hear more from this inspiring family, The Chitans.

Kaiziah Chitan | The Chitans

Kaiziah, 24, is the oldest. Her life mission is to be a Missionary Teacher, Musician and to feed the poor. She is also a composer of music and poems. She plays piano, steel Pan (Double Tenor and a bit of Seconds), alto saxophone, a bit of drums and violin and she is teaching herself to play acoustic guitar, tenor sax and viola.

Kayandra Chitan | The Chitans

Kayandra, 23, wants to be a Missionary Doctor and Professional Musician. She has also adopted a child from Guatemala named Maritza. Kayandra also composes music. She plays piano, steel pan (Three Pan Cello as well as Four Pan Cello, Six Pan Bass and a bit of Double Tenor), flute, drums, rhythm and bass guitar and she is teaching herself to play viola, violin and cello.

Jesse Chitan | The Chitans

Jesse, 21, wants to be a Pastor and an Electrical Engineer. He plays piano, steel pan (Guitars, Tenor and a bit of Four Pan Cello), drums, bass guitar and a bit of violin.

Jayden Chitan | The Chitans

Jayden Jayden, 18, wants to be a Police Officer and a Fireman. He plays steel pan (Double Seconds, Double Tenor and a bit of Tenor) and is learning to play piano, violin and alto sax.

Karlainah Chitan | The Chitans

Karlainah, 15, wants to be a Preacher and a Doctor. She plays steel pan (Tenor and Guitars) is learning to play the piano and violin.

The Chitans

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