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World Light School (Kenya)

In 2018, our family (The Chitans) traveled to Kenya to participate in some mission projects. While searching for a church, we happened upon another church and came to the understanding that the church ran a school.

The World Light SDA School is a K-12 grade school located in Thika, Kiambu County, Kenya. This school works towards educating the children of the Umoja slums. At the time, it had 89 students and 8 teachers.

Upon discovery of this school, the walls were bare, rugged bricks both inside and outside. The floor was mainly mud/dirt. Some windows were broken and rice bags were used as classroom dividers. Their kitchen was just three stones on the ground. The lunchroom had three small logs to sit on. Their source of drinkable water was from a bucket they all dipped out of. When we inquired about the food supply, we came to realize that they didn’t even have food for that day.

The conditions of the school were so deplorable it was ordered shut down. We couldn’t stand by and do nothing. When we got back to North America, we sold our home and used the funds to start the renovation process on the school. We began telling the story of this school. Together with the funds from our house and the donations of others, we have been able to:

  • Finish the outside of the school and repair windows
  • Finish the floors
  • Smooth and paint the walls
  • Build classroom dividers
  • Install a 5,000 litre water tank.
  • Build bathroom facilities furnished with showers, toilets and a 1,000 litre tank

Additionally, our family has taken on the task of supplying an increase in wages for the teachers because, before, they were making the equivalent of $5 USD a month.

Ongoing Project: A two storey Administration Building that will house

  • A proper kitchen
  • A Cafeteria/Multipurpose Room
  • Principals Office/Teachers lounge
  • Music Room
  • Computer room

Thus far, someone has donated $17,000 toward the kitchen and cafeteria/teacher’s lounge. The foundation and first floor has been done (i.e. brick enclosure and parts of the second floor). We are hoping to finish this project by July 2023 and would need approximately $40K to make that happen.

We also accept non-monetary donations, such as:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • School books
  • Hygienic materials
  • Electronic equipment

If you would like to donate any of these items or other items, please contact us via

KASDA is our Non-Profit Organization in Kenya through which your donations can be channeled. We believe that breaking the cycle of slum living is an honorable thing. If you would like to help us accomplish this goal, please click the applicable button.

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