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The Chitan family has been in ministry for 11 years and in full-time for the past 8 years. They have given their all to Ministry, in so much, that they sold their home and have lived on the road since. Adequate transport has been a necessity and a challenge from their Ministry’s inception.

As the years have gone by, they have been blessed to have temporary bases and to upgrade to a GMC Savana, but it has become increasingly difficult to fulfill their calling efficiently while not having a house and traveling in a van.

God has been gracious to them and taken care of their family, but there’s so much more to be done. They have been praying and seeking God’s wisdom and believe He is directing them to the next step. After much prayer, consideration and consultation, the conclusion has been made that the next step is a bus.

The necessity and advantage of having a bus is having a reliable work vehicle and a home all in one.

A bus would provide reliable transport to insure safe travel, on time arrival, and sufficient rest to be at their best for ministry.

In this current financial climate, hotel accommodations and food costs from eating in restaurants have become prohibitive. A bus would provide a small kitchen area where they could prepare their own meals.

A bus also provides sufficient space and storage for equipment, instruments, product, clothing, and homeschooling materials.

Having given up their home to follow God’s call, they need a home with wheels to focus on their family as they minister to other families.

For these reasons, they believe that to be better stewards of the finances God supplies, a bus is the best choice for their family.

There is a generous donor that will contribute matching funds of up to $50,000. The Chitans are hoping that you will partner with them to raise $300,000 to help in the acquisition of adequate transport.

Your gift is tax deductible. They will be thankful for any amount you can donate. May God bless you.

If you’d like to help them make this next step, click the donate button below.

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